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The lead-philosophy of the Ayurveda

The definition of health is the harmonious balance = the homeostasis of all spiritual and physical functional systems within the individual space, between individuals and the environment. Influence on this balance can be various aspects – the food, the spiritual and physical activity, environment, climate and stress. Only when this balance is disturbed, illness has its chance to appear. Even if the experience taught us that illnesses can not be healed off totally or avoided, it is absolutely more reasonable and also healthier to try to prevent them than to wait, until a therapeutical intervention becomes necessery.

Ayurveda offers us a few healthy and gentle options when it comes to preventive methods.

But of course in case of the actual break out of a disease there are some effective concepts within this therapy system. This definition of Ayurveda has been officialy recognised as medicine by the world health organisation (WHO) in 1957.

Due to a  a 30 year-experience in this field, our naturopathic practice has a strong focus on this therapy form expecially when it comes to integrating ayurveda in our hectic everyday life. Our founder had the chance to collect numerous experiences and knowledge during her work in Kirpal Charitable hospital of Punjab (India) during the period of 1981-1986.