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Blood-ozone therapy

Ozone is an unstable gas with a very high oxidation effect. It is also a natural component of the terrestrial atmosphere. Nevertheless, it can be re-produced in a certain procedure. This method has been applied for the first time by Werner von Siemens.

What kind of effects does ozone have on the human body?

  • Support of decontamination functions, e.g., in the liver
  • Possible improvement of the cellulose exchange including removal amassed
  • Possible improvement of the cellulose change including removal of amassed
  • Improved admission of oxygen in the fabric, can be helpful by sore healing disturbances

What to expect from the ozone-oxygen-therapy?

At the beginning of the blood ozone-oxygen-therapy in our naturpathic practise approximately 60-150 ml of vein blood need to be taken. A fitted ozone dosage will be added to the blood sample and reinfused. 
Therapy duration of the treatment: approx. 20-30 min. According to the gravity degree of the illness the session can be repeated.

Additional possibilities of the treatment are:

  • External ozone-steaming of the skin for improved sore healing
  • Ozone water for the throat
  • Ozone-charged olive oil for the external use, e.g., if you suffer from nail fungus
  • Small autohaemotherapy